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BAC shares were up 35% since beginning of November as of yesterday's close, of course, if nothing else, would-be profit-takers were getting antsy. ValuationBank of America trades at the 12% discount toJPMorgan on our 2017e. Even if your credit markets froze, in turn, these banks could still fund their operations without needing to sell assets at large losses, which is what contributes to bank failures. The fine stemmed from your government suing bank of america online banking of America over Countrywide's High Speed Swim Lane or HSSL loan origination process. Although the stock will be the Dow's worst-performer this year along with the Street is increasingly turning cautious for the athletic space more broadly, the Nike-believers remain. Neil de - Grasse Tyson and Elon Musk in addition have repeated the notion. According to the corporation's first-quarter 10-Q filing , 100-basis-point boost in both short- and long-term rates would yield approximately $6 billion in net profit.